Is your data growing faster than the value you get from it? Capgemini and SAS help you enhance your business intelligence capabilities through software that manages company data effectively.

Take Control of Your Information

Technologies are continually offering new and innovative ways to manage, analyze and report information. While these technologies offer amazing advantages, it can be difficult for entities to understand how to use them to their fullest capacity to meet their specific needs:  
  • Tax agencies must ensure individuals and businesses pay their taxes and minimize welfare fraud and error.
  • Enterprises require control, monitoring and real-time compliance to help them meet statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Utilities must turn disruptive forces presented by grid modernization into opportunities. 

Transform Data into Useful Forecasts

Capgemini's strategic partnership with business analytics specialist SAS transforms your data into forecasts and insights about company performance, customers, markets and risks:
  • Evasion, Fraud and Error: prevent tax non-compliance and welfare fraud, reduce administrative costs and improve customer service
  • Risk Management: implement data modeling and case management solutions for credit risk, market risk, financial crime and compliance
  • Solvency II: reduce risk management and compliance costs by looking at the full spectrum of risk
  • Digital Utilities Transformation: embrace digital technologies at optimized cost while supporting a low-carbon economy

Market Leaders Working for You

SAS is the market leader in analytics and enterprise risk management, as well as the leading independent business intelligence software specialist. Capgemini brings strong technical skills backed by expertise in business transformation and industry sectors. 
Since 2009, we have partnered with SAS on more than 700 projects with 100+ clients and are now proud to hold the title of Platinum Partner. Together, we deliver high-value enterprise business solutions that offer significant return on investment and market differentiation for our clients.
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